Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kevin From Heaven!!

First of all, Kevin has had that shirt FOREVER. and he probably will have it FOREVER more. Came from D.I. pre ME days. The past few years have been a bit challenging financially for us. We couldn't have picked a worse time for him to quit his job as a teacher and enter the financial industry than Summer 2008... right when the market crashed. and then burned. and is still burning. We were blessed when he secured a part time teaching job a few days before the school year began... it was piddle income, but we had full healthcare benefits, which was GREAT becasue I was pregnant with Mason. So what did he do? He got another part time job delivering pizza. I thought it was a bad idea... but it turned out to be perfect. They were very flexible with his schedule... he picked when he worked and when he didn't. Paid decent too. AND we kept the house (bummer!) AND we didn't go into debt. AND I found a way to save a million on diapers. AND we got some things we didn't need, because we wanted them. And then he got a Full time job teaching again. He can't stand it. But he does it!
Now he is taking classes to eventually make a career change. He works hard, and does whatever he can to help around the house. Although I'm sure he wants to crash and relax when he come home from work, he never does. He is always 100% for the kiddos. Best Dad EVER. Did you know he never yells? NEVER. EVER. He can't. It's not in his nature. He did yell once at his students a few years ago, and his face got all hot and red and the students applauded him for yelling and it created more of a distraction, which he was trying to stop in the first place....
He is also extremely easy to shop for. There is nothing that he wants. So anything that you give him he is grateful for. Seriously, I got him Bacon Salt for Christmas... so that everything he eats can now taste like Bacon. And he LOVED it. How easy is that? Guess what he's gonna get for Valentine's Day??? Bacon salt. And his birthday?? Yup. Bacon Salt. And Father's day? Baaacccooonnnn salt! And our anniversary? Nope. not bacon salt.
I love him because he always does his best, does what's right, and puts me and the kids first and never complains when I didn't cook dinner or clean the house. Before we got married I feared that after we sealed the deal I would wake up one day and think "Crap! What did I do! I don't love this guy, I ruined everything!" But now I know those thoughts will NEVER come. I will always love him and I will alway love being around him!

Oh, by the way... his hat is older than his shirt... I think. A Snickers for anyone who can tell me who Caesar Rodney was.... without google!


Racquel & Aidan Goodwin said...

maybe for your aniversary you can get some bacon grease...that might be fun... hint hint! ok i'm puking in my mouth a little now lol didn't know he like bacon so much =) anyways thats so great i'm so gald you are happy you are such an amazing person you deserve it!

Chris said...